Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Foam Roll or Not

To foam roll or not is the question. I have been told recently to foam roll, first with a white foam roller and now I have been upgraded in the world of foam rollers to the ultimate of foam rollers, the black roller. What is this should I say 'almost' magical foam roller? Lately I have been having pain on my inner and top of my left knee. I stretch before and after running yet I am told that stretching is not enough. The best way to get these tough knots out is direct pressure and they best way to do it is to use a foam roller. What exactly is a foam roller? It is about 6 six inches in diameter and to me it closely resembles a foam log that gladiator's used to knock their opponent off of their perch. Using your own body weight you can generate the direct pressure needed to get those annoying knots out. At times this can be very painful but, I say let the good times roll, because I am loving my foam roller!!


  1. I too love foam rolling :) How did you become a contributor for treesje?!? I'm jealous. I'm a runner too and happen to love love love their bags!

  2. Foam rolling is really a great tool I wish more people knew about it! Happy Running!