Monday, June 4, 2012

13 Going on Crazy HAS MOVED

If you subscribed to my RSS feed (first thank you!!) I just wanted to let you know that I will no longer be posting at this site. If you like to continue to read 13GOC, I am now at I have a whole new look and now I am self-hosted, which is super exciting! Please take note, that you will not get any updates if you are following my old feed (you will have to sign up on my new site.) Sorry about the inconvenience, but 13GOC is going to be a lot more fun for everyone!!

Thanks for following, happy running & reading!

Remember wherever you are, there you go!


Friday, June 1, 2012


Not everything is meant to be okay. Hard times will come to us all. People come and go in our lives. What matters in the end is not what happened, but how we prevail and push through. Life is a magical journey and it's not always about the destination, it's those moments that count and take your breath away. I feel as though I am on my home. Tonight I had a great run, not my old pace, but a new pace which I am equally proud of. With time, practice, and persistence I will push beyond these walls and beat my old running pace. My newest venture in my life, 13 Going on Crazy, has connected me with some amazing people who are examples of not falling to your fears, but instead, disregarding life's limitations and living life to the fullest.

Remember wherever you are, there you go.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disneyland Gluten-Free Style...

Diningout is supposed be a fun and social experience, but when you have CeliacDisease or any other food allergies for that matter, it could present itself to be a verystressful and nerve wracking situation. I was hoping that Disneyland would be alittle less stressful being that it is considered the happiest place on earth.This past Mother’s Day my Mother and I spent two days at Disneyland; some mealswere tastier than others and some less stressful than others.

Ifyou have any food allergies or concerns I highly recommend that prior tostarting your day at Disneyland that you stop at City Hall on Main Street and pick upthe Celiac Offerings Dining Options packet or discuss your dietary concerns with them.They most likely have a packet addressing your needs. (I have attached theCeliac Offerings packet to make the planning a little easier)

After stopping by City Hall I head over to the RiverBelle Terrace in Adventureland. There I ordered the Mississippi Turkey Breast Sandwich and requested a gluten free bun. I can't begin express how easy it was to order my lunch. I thought WOW if it is this easy to order a sandwich I am sure that the rest of my visit would be easy. I was dead wrong on this. Not only was the sandwich large enough to share, but it was delicious. Fresh carved turkey like on Thanksgiving day and a gluten free bun that did not taste like it was missing flour.

Mississippi Turkey Breast Sandwich & a gluten free bun
I don't know about you, but in my family we always manage to eat our way through Disney. Just because I can't eat gluten does not mean that this rule does not still apply. One of my favorite snacks at Disneyland is found at Tropical Imports in Adventureland. Healthy and not full of junk...and easy to order! Just grab and go!

Fresh Strawberries & Chocolate Dipping Sauce
Around dinner time is when I started to hit a brick wall in regards to food handlers not being knowledgeable enough about Celiac Disease and gluten free dining. My dinner took forever to make and my mom's dinner was severed to her way before mine probably started even cooking. Lesson learned: be sure to request that all meals are brought out at the same time. I did not actually learn this lesson until the following day of eating in shifts.
Tangaroa Terrace Kids Salmon, broccoli, & white rice
Being that I am lactose intolerant my choice in dessert was not my shinning moment, but who could resist ice cream from Gibson Girl on Main Street? What should have been an easy order was beyond difficult. It took 6 people to order 2 scoops of ice cream with hot fudge, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Keep in mind that mine had to be scooped from fresh cartons in the back to avoid cross contamination. The end result was not necessarily worth all of the stress, but it was absolutely delicious.
Gibson Girl Ice Cream
If I already did not eat enough the prior day I was on to round two of my Disney Dining experience. I started my second day off at Storytellers Restaurant which is at The Grand California Hotel. Let me preface this with I was rather brave to order pancakes as the last time I ate pancakes was after the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2009. They made me so sick that I never ordered them again. This time around it was different. Thanks to Chef Chris I had the most amazing pancakes ever. He used Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix and Pierre Water. No eggs, butter, oil, or even milk. I am still dreaming of how out of this world these pancakes were. Don't walk, run to Storytellers if you have the opportunity to eat breakfast in Disneyland.

Gluten Free Pancakes

While not as exciting as my breakfast for lunch I headed over to Redd Rocketts Pizza Port. There I ordered rice noodles with marinara sauce or tomato basil sauce. This was by far not my favorite meal and I feel that being a pizza place they need to improve their gluten free pasta.
Redd Rocketts Pizza Port GF Rice Noodles with Marinara Sauce
Day two of my afternoon snacking was the world famous Dole Whip. While I wanted something from the Jolly Holiday Bakery it was rather disappointing as all they had to offer was prepackaged bakery goods, which I could have purchased at my local grocery store. I feel that the Jolly Holiday Bakery really missed their mark as they should have better options for gluten free customers.

I had an amazing two days with my mom and we ended our weekend back at Storytellers. My favorite meal for dinner at Storytellers is the children's salmon with broccoli, and white rice. This salmon is much better than Tangaroa Terrace at The Disneyland Hotel. The waiter also brought gluten free pita bread, which is the same crust that they use for the gluten free pizza. For a safe, stress free meal I highly recommend Storytellers Cafe.
Gluten Free Bread
Salmon, white rice, and broccoli

Guess what, Mousketeers? Disneyland is totally celiac-friendly. The options might be limited, but there is still many offerings throughout Disneyland. Remember to advocate for yourself and request to speak with a chef prior to ordering. I think that I found my dream job...working for Disney's culinary department developing and finding the best foods for gluten free and allergy suffers.

For your reference:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Race Number 9...Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon Recap

Yesterday I participated in the 14th Annual Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon. Was I ready for race number 9? No! Though it was a beautiful course, due to illness I have not been able to run as much as I would have liked. The Friday prior to the race I started taking a new medication via injection so my thighs were already sore from that making it even harder to run. Am I glad that I participated in this race and honored those who have served our country? Yes! It was a beautiful course in a beautiful city. With every race that I participate I always learn new things about myself and who I am as a runner. I am proud so say that I am strong and determined and will not let anything slow me down!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just like Starting Over...

First of all, I apologize for going MIA on you for the past couple of weeks. It has been an incredibly busy and stressful past few weeks. The good news is I’m moving! I am one step away from being on my own! I'm bubble wrapping my life and moving to Marina Del Rey! From here on out it’s all sunny skies (AKA “The Fun Stuff”). Which means I get to start getting my life back on track. Also? I get to discover lots of great new running routes and running clubs in the Marina. That’s easily the best part of this. The part of my life, which I am still adjusting to is that I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Figuring out what to eat and what not to eat has been quite a challenge. (More to come on that topic as well.)
I’m also looking forward to having a bit more time for me, which I plan to use to regain all of the healthy running habits I’ve lost over the past few months since I got sick. The double whammy of now being a Gluten Free runner, enforced inactivity followed by an incredibly busy past weeks mean I’m completely out of my running routine. It is now a chore to simply put on my shoes, I have to really be motivated to get outside and go for a run. Between not feeling well and getting back into the swing of things it takes a lot of energy for me to get moving.
I’m not going to lie: I’ve spent the past couple of days feeling kind of down about where I am with my running, health and fitness lately. In a lot of ways, it feels like I haven’t really made any progress over the past 8 months towards where I was before I started 13 Going on Crazy. The entire premise behind my challenge was to make myself more accountable. It feels like every time I look back, whether it’s a few weeks or a few months, all I can think is, “I thought I’d be further along by now.” I need to stop directing all of my negative energy on why I can't/don't run. Instead I need to start listing all the reasons why I love running. The sun on my face, the wind in my hair,  discovering new routes, to name a few.
And yes I just realized that is an incredibly unproductive way to look at life. All of this negative energy does is bring me down, rob me of my energy, and make me feel like it’s not even worth trying anymore. Besides it’s blatantly not true. No, I haven’t done as much training for my upcoming Memorial Day Laguna Beach Half Marathon as I would have liked, but I can make it through a 5-mile run without stomach pain. A year ago I was fine, or even 6 months ago. I need to remember and recognize that yes my original goal going into this was just to finish it, not to worry about my time, and understand that I am competing against me and only me. I’ve still got 5 races left and I know that I will be just fine. And besides who quits when the finish line is insight?

No, I may not be even remotely close where I was last September, which brings me back to the title of this post; it’s just like starting over. I will need to accept and be proud of my ‘new’ pace and be sure to interval run at all times. Most importantly I will need to really listen and respect my body. I’m slowly regaining my fitness and endurance, day by day. I now realize that regardless of how I am feeling I need to push myself even if it is just a walk around the block. Besides, if I keep consistent with my workouts, everything will fall into place and I will begin to be the runner that I once was. I already have the proper nutrition thanks to my amazing nutritionist, I don’t really have a choice in that department, but it honestly helps to have proper nutrition when training. For obvious reasons I know the better I eat the better I train. 
I’m eager to get out and hit the pavement again. Am I going to run a new personal record? Unlikely. Can I run a good, solid 13.1 miles to the best of my race-day ability? Absolutely! Who knows, I might even surprise myself a little with the results, if I put the work in.

I'm not too sure who is out there reading this, but I would love to hear from you. Please comment below and share with 13 Going on Crazy why you love to run and the hurdles that you have faced in your own running routines and how you over came them. 

Remember where ever you go there you are...


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Running With a Chronic Illness

Life has thrown my way another curve ball. Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is an auto-immune disease that destroys the small intestines, causing the body to attack itself (resulting in all kinds of crazy symptoms and other diseases), and resulting in malabsorption from years of eating gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and cross-contaminated oats. Gluten can be found in breads, soups, cosmetics, lotions, vitamins, it’s here, there, and everywhere! I have quickly learned that not all chicken breasts are created equal! Once you stop eating gluten, the body can begin to repair itself. Although it may take years, diet is the only way to control this disease. 

While my symptoms have been debilitating at times and has greatly impacted my running this winter, I am trying my best to not only run whenever possible, but rebuild my strength and be the best runner possible. I am responsible for the quality of my life, I need to start listening and responding to my body. If I need to walk so I walk. I feel that I have the strength to run, then I will run. Regardless of what my Type-A personality expects from me I have to remember that I am competing against myself and only myself. 

I will write more about my experience being a G-Free runner and all the new foods that I try in future posts.  

Are you a G-Free runner? Are you a runner with chronic illness? How has chronic illness affected your running? Comments as always are appreciated!

Remember wherever you go, there you are. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Very exciting news over at 13 Going on Crazy!! I am being featured today on FitBlogger!! Please check it out!! I would love your feedback and comments!!

Question of the Day: Share with 13 Going on Crazy how long you have been running and what is the best thing running has done to change your life? Ok so maybe it has done many things!! Feel free to share all of them!

Monday, April 23, 2012

And the Winner is...Shopportunity Giveaway

Congrats Charlotte!! You have won the And the Medal Goes to...Shopportunity Giveaway! Please e-mail, your contact information and we will have Allied Medal Hanger get in touch with you regarding the medal hanger of your choice! I can't wait to see pictures of all of your medals hanging on your new display!! Please send pictures and we will share with the 13 Going on Crazy community.

Thanks to everyone who entered and for being a part of my cheer squad!! 

Remember wherever you are, there you go!!

Happy Running!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rose Colored Glasses

Often times we are own worst enemies. We manage at times to kick ourselves when we are already down, but today I am standing up and saying, enough! I have been going back and forth on signing up for The Goofy Race and a Half Challenge for weeks now. Most recently my heart has been saying yes, and my head has been saying are you crazy? A 13 Going on Crazy follower shared this quote with me,

"It’s impossible,” said pride. “It’s risky,” said experience. “It’s pointless,” said reason. “Give it a try,” whispered the heart

After reading and rereading this quote I am confident that my mind is made up and I am headed in the right direction. How could I possibly pass up on the opportunity of running down the middle of Main Street and through Cinderella's castle? Have you been able to unlock to key and find the balance between listening to your head and your heart?

Running with friends through the Happiest Place on Earth!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tax refund coming your way?

I'm sure that money is burning a hole in your running skirt or shorts and I've got a suggestion on how to spend that extra cash! I have come up with a list of what I think are 5 of the coolest races. Have you signed up for any of these races? What is on your race wish list? I would love hear about all of the races that you will be hitting up this year!
1. The SeaWheeze Luluemon Half Marathon August 11, 2012 Vancouver BC  Lululemon Running Shorts just for signing up!! Sounds too good to be true! Make sure to sign-up by May 1 to get the exclusive running shorts!     

2. The Wipro San Francisco Marathon July 29, 2012 San Francisco Being able to not only run on the Golden Gate Bridge, but you get an extra medal, Half it All Challenge Medal, if you run the 1st Half Marathon and 2nd Half Marathon in 2 consecutive years.

3. Nike Women’s Marathon 2012 October 14, 2012 San Francisco, Ghiradelli chocolate is given freely to all runners and that iconic little blue Tiffany's box containing your finishers necklace handed to you on a silver platter by tuxedo clad firemen at the finish line. How sweet does that sound?!                            

 4.  Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend January 10-13, 2013 Orlando, FL Running in Walt Disney World is a runner's dream!

   5. See Jane Run Half Marathon June 3, 2012 Alameda, CA Wine and chocolates at the finish line, too good to be true!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Friday 13.1!!!

At 13 Going on Crazy the number 13 is a VERY lucky number, which got me to thinking about 13 things that I want to accomplish before I turn 30... With 262 days to till I turn the BIG 30, I better get started!!
  1. Have the courage to sign-up and train for the Walt Disney World 2013 Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. Yes, I understand that I will actually be 30 years old and 11 days on race day, but that still should count, shouldn't it?
  2. Swim with dolphins
  3. Stay up all night and see the sunrise, okay maybe just wake up early and see it rise. I don't do well on lack of sleep. 
  4. Take a trip in a hot air balloon
  5. Run a half marathon sub 2 hours 30 minutes
  6. Actually feel happy about my life, even if it is just for a moment
  7. Go to a drive-in theatre, do they still exist?
  8. See Bruce Springsteen &/or Bob Dylan in concert
  9. Go horseback riding on the beach
  10. Go scuba diving
  11. Take classes in American Sign Language
  12. Feed the homeless people soup during a rainy cold day
  13. Fall in love & not get my heart broken
I am hoping to hear some very interesting suggestions on what else to add to the list, should I have made it 30 before 30 or stick with lucky 13? I would love it if you'd join me in the madness and come up with your own lists, 25 before 25, 35 after 35, 13 before 2013, whatever get's the blood in your veins flowing! I would love to hear from you. I hope that with this little assignment, we'll inspire each other to stop putting things off and seize the day.

Rember, wherever you are there you go!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Words to Live By...

No need to further explain the power of this message, don't we all need to find the key to happiness? Running always make me find my happy, where do you find your happy? We all need to laces up our shoes, head out the door, and find our happy. Come on let's get going!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year...RunDisney Marathon Weekend Registration has Opened!

Today is a very special day for all runDisney fanatics. April 10th has finally arrived, sign up has officially opened today!! Registration opened for Disney World's Marathon weekend today at 12:00 pm EST. If you are planning on ever running in a runDisney event, this is the year to do it as it's the WDW marathon's 20th anniversary. Disney will most likely be pulling out all the stops to make this an extra magical year. Who's signing up or already has signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend 2013?!  I am considering going Dopey for the first time!! It will be a weekend of firsts for sure!!

Registration prices the 2013 year are the following:
Walt Disney World Marathon
$150 by June 19, 2012 | $170 between June 20, 2012 and September 25, 2012 | $190 on or after September 26, 2012

Walt Disney World Half Marathon
$150 by June 19, 2012 | $170 between June 20, 2012 and September 25, 2012| $190 on or after September 26, 2012

Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge
$320 by June 19, 2012 | $350 between June 20, 2012 and September 25, 2012 | $380 on or after September 26, 2012

Disney Family Fun Run 5K
$55 per participant | $60 per Stroller walk division participant

runDisney Kids Races |Mickey Mile
$10 per child | $25 per child

Race Retreat prices are (this is access to a heated tent before the race, private bathrooms, character pictures, and tent access later)
Walt Disney World® Half Marathon – $110
Walt Disney World® Marathon – $110
Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge – $190

Sunday, April 8, 2012

And the Medal Goes to...Shopportunity Giveaway

As my excitement grows for the Disneyland Half Marathon, it's only 144 days away, I was suddenly reminded of all my race medals sitting on top of my dresser and exploding out of my shadow box. I thought that it would be fun to revisit them.
I've never been an athletic person, so it's quite a surprise, shock, and an accomplishment that I now find myself the proud owner of all this bling. Though I was not hooked on running just yet, this was my first medal from the Phoenix Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon 2006.

The one that started it all was the Castle Medal for the 4th Annual Disneyland Half Marathon at Disneyland Labor Day weekend 2009. From that point on I was hooked with running especially RunDisney. The following March 2010, I participated in the Princess Half Marathon with my cousin and friend in Walt Disney World. I even earned a Coast to Coast to Medal Labor Day 2010 at the Disneyland Half Marathon, which was the 5th Annual Disneyland Marathon. September 2011 I participated in the Disneyland Half Marathon, which marked the start of 13 Going on Crazy. As you can see all of my RunDisney events hold a very special place in my heart. 

At this point of my running adventures it is very clear that I need a special place display all of my race medals, which leads to one of the most amazing 13 Going on Crazy Shopportunity Giveaways...Drum roll please,  13 Going on Crazy and Allied Medal Displays is giving away to one lucky winner a Metal Hanger for all of your race bling!

You can earn up to 13 lucky entries for this Shopportunity. The winner will select a medal hanger from Allied Medal and it will shipped directly from Allied Medal. 

Please also ensure that you read the giveaway rules, as the winner's responsibilities are noted there with timely notification requirements.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hollywood Half Marathon Race Number 8 Recap

Today I participated in the Inaugural Hollywood Half Marathon. Needless to say I am unsure what needs more improvement the race or my abilities as a runner. Perhaps I should center my focus on what I am able to improve upon, which is my running abilities. Unfortunately my GI flare has greatly impacted my running and often times makes it difficult to even run. I promise to commit myself to run or walk regardless of how I feel from now until race number 9. One might ask what I am taking away from today's race, I suppose that best lesson learned today is that I need to keep on putting one foot in front of the other, regardless of the obstacle!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Twofer Tuesday

Okay so this really does not have anything do with running except that I ran into Mr. Braverman aka Craig T. Nelson at lunch and Tim Daly from Private Practice at dinner. I almost needed Dr. Pete Wilder, to resuscitate me as I almost fell over a fire hydrant when I walked past him! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bio-K+ Probiotic Fermented Soy

For the past 7 days, since I lack health insurance nor a doctor to treat me I decided to start taking Bio-K+ Probiotic Fermented Soy. Bio-K+ has a minimum of 50 billion L. acidophilus and L. casei per 3.5-oz. little bottle. According to research, simply by adding probiotics to our daily routine we not only strength our immune system, but we also balance our intestinal flora, which makes us feel better. Our intestinal flora is made up of as many as 100 trillion bacteria, which helps our bodies maintain good health. Not all probiotics are created equal however and depending on the bacterial strains they contain the benefits could different. I recently discovered one of the best probiotics on the market and decided to give it a try it for 7 days and see if my stomach improves. Bio-K+ Probiotics benefits include regulating intestinal health, improving digestion, supporting immune system functions, and deterring certain pathogens. Needless to say I am one happy customer and could not be happier with the results. Take a look at my seven day recap... 

Pre and Post Race Runners Fuel

March 27: Day 1 Ready to kick Crohn's to curb! Today is my first day on Bio-K+ Probiotic Fermented Soy. Hoping this will turn things around for my stomach! My stomach is beyond out of control.
March 28: Day 2 Stomach is still beyond out of control I went to the bathroom 4 times today, which much better than the and I put this in quotes, normal, which is beyond normal, "7" times, which is not a pretty story, trust me.
March 29: Day 3 on Bio-K+ Probiotic Fermented Soy...Finally seeing some relief! Thank you Bio-K+!! 
March 30: Day 4 Constant stomach starting to finally go away, since December 2011! 
March 31: Day 5 Upset stomach down to 3 times today, wahoo!!
April 1: Day 6 Still cannot believe the progress that I have made in just 6 days, doctors should seriously look into prescribing this before suggesting to take a prescription drug which could have unwanted side effects. 
April 2: Day 7 To think that this tiny bottle could be so powerful, it's like a magic potion. On the road to recovery, Bio-K+ to the rescue! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Help 13 GOING ON CRAZY win the Fitness Magazine’s 2012 Fitterati Blogger Award!

Great news 13 Going on Crazy was recently nominated for Fitness Magazine’s 2012 Fitterati Blogger Award and I need your support!  My nomination is in the Best Running Blog category and I need votes now so follow the link below, click VOTE, and share with your friends. But hurry, polls close April 12th. For every vote that I get between now and Sunday April 1st, I will donate an hour of my time to help feed the homeless.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You Could Never Have Too Many Goals...

Recently the idea of participating in a Sprint Distance Triathlon was planted in my head. Like the Tea Cups at Disneyland, the idea just keeps on spinning round and round in my head. All the while this idea is spinning inside my head, out of the blue my Mother announced that she would like to make it her personal goal to be healthy and strong enough participate in The Danskin Triathlon this October 2012. With this news I knew that a Mother-Daughter Triathlon was in order! We both have had health issues this winter so when my mother discussed her goal with me, I knew that I too needed to get myself back to the old me and be a stronger healthier version. What better way to motivate regaining ones health and maintaining a healthier lifestyle than training for such an event. 

The Danskin Triathlon Series has eight Races throughout the country. It is the largest women and girls Series in the sport. Sprint distance triathlons (1⁄2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run) that empower women by challenging them in a motivational, supportive, and safe setting with “cheerleaders” every step of the way. Select Races offer a Super Sprint distance option. Participation can be on an individual or Relay Team basis – making them even more first-timer friendly.

Be a part of something bigger than yourself. With eight Races throughout the country there’s no reason not to TRI! We want to help women to get moving. Our “women empowering other women” mentality combined with doable Race distances makes our events extremely first-timer friendly. 

In the spirit of “paying it forward” the Series supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Team Survivor nationally; as well as a local food bank and women’s shelter in each of our Race cities.

All I know is this looks like it is three times the fun of a 5k and my Mom and I are in!! Grab your Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, and BFFS and let's Tri to get healthy!

Check out The Danskin Triathlon Series at

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UPS Made a Delivery!!

I have a super sweet tooth, which is why I was so excited when I came home today to the one of the most wonderful surprises, Jovial Foods sent me a box of cookies and pasta! My first introduction to Jovial Foods was finding their Checkerboard Cookies at a nearby Whole Foods. The cookies are so delicious, it's almost criminal! The nutritional value makes you feel like you're getting a treat and certainly not a cheat. I contacted Jovial Foods as I researched their products online and thought the nutritional value for the Checkerboard Cookies did not match the packaging. As it turns out the box was accurate and the online description was incorrect. Jovial Foods prides themselves on baking with Einkorn wheat; which is the first wheat cultivated 12,000 years ago. The antioxidant power in their products is twice the amount found in products with whole durum wheat. Their products are the purest most ancient species of wheat and also 100% organic. The staff was beyond courteous and friendly and even sent a package of other Jovial Foods delights. I can't wait to taste to the pasta and I especially can't wait to try the cookies! Low in sugar, low in fat, low calorie, and beyond delicious!!

Be sure to check out all the amazing products at Jovial Foods at

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pacific Half Marathon, The Great Race of Agoura Hills Race Number 7 Recap

The Great Race of Agoura Hills is comprised of several different races: there’s the Pacific Half that’s on roads, which I ran, the trail Chesebro Half Marathon mostly on trails, a 10k, 5k, Kid’s Mile, a family fun run, and even a diaper dash. There was pretty much a race for everyone. This year was the 27th annual race  and it is consistently rated LA’s best running event and best post-race party.

The race started at Paramount Ranch, which is where many old movies and TV shows were filmed. The western town was really cool and a great place to start the race.

The Barber Shop, haircut anyone?
Hotel Mud Bug, wanna room, bed bugs are free!

Mining Equipment, last to chance to buy your supplies!
Hanging out at the Saloon before the race, I wonder where Billy the Kid is!
The course runs on roads around the Santa Monica Mountains passing through the historic districts of Cornell, Malibou Lake and Old Agoura. There were a couple big hills and one long loop back before turning at mile 10 towards the finish line. This is NOT an easy course by any means, it however was beautiful and fun. The weather was overcast, though I did not want it to happen, I kept waiting for it to rain. It was an extremely cold day in my opinion and I was not dressed weather appropriate, but at least I looked cute! I thought that it would be a lot warmer than it actually was. Fashion first, then weather! 

Howdy Partner!

The skies were a slippy grey and I'm waiting on a sunny day!

I seem to be participating in a lot of really hilly races, which I don't feel that I am adequately prepared to run. Would I complete this race again next year, assuming that I train better and add more hills into my training routine, the answer would be YES! It was an absolutely wonderful day and I proud to say that I have completed my seventh race!!
End of the line...The Finish Line!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

13.1 Number 7...Final Thoughts

Here I am.  Less than 24 hours before my seventh half marathon of 13 lucky halfs starts.  Though is not my first rodeo, I have ran 11 half marathons so far! I am filled with the normal pre-race emotions, excitement, fear, anxiety, and nervousness.

My body has failed me on more runs than I can count and surprised me on others.
Who really knows what tomorrow will bring?  I have dreams of the runner inside me that I aspire to be, but tomorrow I have no expectations. I am what I am. I am going to run with this motto and I will be the Little Engine that can! As much as I want to run like Phoebe Buffay from Friends I will remember to walk if my knees or stomach is yelling at me to walk.  I will race against me and me alone. 

One thing is for certain…my new motto thanks to my running coach who provided me with some greatly needed insight and perspective is, it's better to be the Little Engine who says I think I can... I think can, rather the Little Engine who simply says I can't! When life kicks you in the butt kick back! 

Regardless of the typical jitters, which will hit me right when I get to the parking lot, I know that I will have an amazing time, this race is called The GREAT RACE, after all! As usual, I will be freaking out on the inside, but quiet on the outside. I try to stay as calm as possible in order to keep my stomach under control. Will I be able to keep my stomach under control for the full 13.1 miles? That is always the question. This time I will eat a GoGO squeeZ Apple Sauce around mile 9.  In my head I can already visualize what tomorrow will hold. I will line up at the start. I will go through my mental list. Shoes tied check.  Cord to my headphone dropped down the back of my shirt check. iPod playlist check.  Before I know it the gun goes off and I will take off…See you at the finish! This is going to be a GREAT RACE!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting...

Pinterest follow me button tutorial

I just recently discovered Pintrestan online pinboard that allows you to organize and share things you love. I have found that it is a great place for collecting and organizing your favorite websites. If blogging is graffiti with punctuation marks, what is Pinterst? And now I  have countless more ways to waste time on the computer. Are you a pinner? Follow 13 Going on Crazy at!! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Am I Goofy?

Please pinch me...Am I crazy or am I just plain old goofy for even considering running the 2013 Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge. For those of you that have never heard of this race let me break it down and get you up to speed. This is a 39.3 mile adventure held over two days in Walt Disney World. Runners will run the Half Marathon on Saturday, followed by the Marathon on Sunday. As interested in this race, I however have never ran in a marathon. As you might have already figured out, I love to set lofty goals for myself...I come from the school go big or go home! I guess with this I am definitely going big! I am scared to death of this idea, but according to Walt Disney, "If you can dream it, you can do it." With that said, perhaps if I am already dreaming about this race it must mean that YES I can do it! 

Take a look at last years bling...Mickey Medal if you complete the marathon, Donald Medal if you complete the half marathon, yes the coveted Goofy medal if you complete both the half and the full marathon! They are just screaming, "PLEASE WEAR ME PROUDLY AROUND YOUR NECK!!" 

Any recommendations or suggestions? Should I do this as my first full marathon? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coming Out of The Bathroom...

I have not been honest with you my readers and most importantly with myself. At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I will never forget our annual family vacation in Walt Disney World right before my twelfth birthday. My family and I flew to Orlando for a week of fun, celebrating New Years and my birthday, and way too many sweets. But this trip to Disney World was not too much fun for me. To this day I could still tell you where every bathroom in Walt Disney World is, even the secret ones! Though I was tired all the time and everything, I mean everything went right through me, we still managed to have a great vacation. My parents simply assumed based on my symptoms that I simply had the stomach flu; unbeknownst to them it was way more serious.

The next few months were rough as we still did not have an explanation for my symptoms. I even remember throwing up at Old Orchard mall, which is an outdoor mall, in pure winter white snow right in front of Cheesecake Factory. You have to understand that this was a 2-story Cheesecake Factory where the guests ate on the second floor with floor to ceiling glass windows. Mind you when I throw up, I like to throw up on all fours, for some reason it makes my stomach feel better. Needless to say that everyone had a front row seat for a sight that they truly did not need to see. My father was ready to cancel our annual Super Bowl Sunday party at our house as they did not know if what I had was contagious. My parents told me that if I did not have any symptoms for three days we could have the party. I kept it together and like clock work as our company was leaving my house; I started throwing up uncontrollably in the kitchen.

It was a very difficult winter and by April of that year, I had lost a lot of weight and they still did not know specifically what was wrong. By this point, I was not only having diarrhea, but I was having bloody diarrhea. At first I was too embarrassed and confused to go to my mother and explain what was now happening. Even I knew that this was serious. During this time I watched the movie, A Child’s Wish with Anna Chlumsky, which is about a young girl who is shown throwing up blood, being diagnosed with cancer, and is dead by the end of the movie. After watching the movie, I decided to do exactly what you are not supposed to do; I went on the internet to figure out what was wrong with me. After research and the knowledge that I learned from the movie I diagnosed myself and decided that I was dying of cancer, that was a lot to take in for only being 12-years-old. I finally gained the courage to tell my parents my diagnosis and that I had accepted my illness.

My parents called the doctor immediately and took me to the doctor the following day. After a really bad blood test, with extremely low blood count, my doctor called my parents at 10 pm to discuss the results. I was promptly taken the next day to see the head gastroenterologist at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. After a series of tests involving me drinking way too much GoLYTELY, after every dosage I was given a Beanie Baby. The results from the colonoscopy were conclusive that I had Crohn’s Disease.

Since Crohn’s Disease is an autoimmune disorder, which is characterized by severe stomach pain, diarrhea, anemia and the inability to properly digest food. No one, especially not a 12-year-old girl would want to talk about this. As most people can remember 12 is a very embarrassing age especially if you are a girl becoming a women. Unfortunately during the initial first few years of my diagnosis I dealt with some very unkind and unsympathetic reactions from extended family members and friends. As a result, I did not tell people what specifically was wrong with me and perhaps the 12-year-old girl is still inside me. To this day I do not openly tell people that I have this disease. I mean now being a 20-something female trying to make it in the professional world, who wants to talk about this topic of all topics? I have dated guys for months and never told them what was wrong with me. I preferred to let people think that I was a picky eater who orders food like Sally from the movie, When Harry Met Sally. One of the most difficult aspects of having Crohn’s Disease is finding a way to tell people about it. Of course my immediate family knows and has been my biggest support system. Outside of that I try to keep it a secret.

I go through periods where I am perfectly healthy, but during a flare-up it is a completely different story. One minute I could be perfectly fine and then out of nowhere, my stomach will cramp up and I need to find a bathroom immediately. After I go to the bathroom, I feel better for a few minutes, but the pain and urgency always come back.

My advice to other young women dealing with Crohn’s who like me are embarrassed and afraid of what most people will think, is to step up to the plate and come out of the bathroom. There’s no cure for the disease, but with diet and lots of food journals, life can be both manageable and enjoyable. If people can’t accept you for you who are then they don’t need to be apart of your life. Who needs people with their toxic energy in your life. Learn your boundaries, understand what foods are your friends and what foods you should stay away from. Be prepared for social situations, bring your own food if you have to, and don’t be shy when ordering at a restaurant. Tell your waiter exactly what and how you need your food prepared.

So one might wonder how this has affected my running. On the days where I lack energy to even tie my shoes, is the day that I know that I must hit the pavement even if I simply walk. I plan my running routes on where there are accessible and clean bathrooms. One might wonder and question why I have chosen a sport that is physically and mentally challenging. I have learned that NOTHING and I mean NOTHING can ever hold me back. My running has truly been my saving grace. I made a conscious decision not to let my body hold me back from doing the activities, which I love. I feel the most alive when I am running and I will not allow my body to prevent me from logging those miles. It has been my personal journey and life lesson that life can’t and won’t take the wind out of my soul.

We are not alone in this particular race, some well known and well respected people with Crohn’s Disease include: co-anchor of Nightline and Primetime Cynthia McFadden, Private Practice's Amy Brenneman has ulcerative colitis, Pearl Jam rocker Mike McCready, NFL quarterback David Garrard, NFL tight end Chris Gedney, the 34th president of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 35th president of the United States John F. Kennedy, Boston’s Mayor Thomas Menino, PGA golfer Al Geiberger, hockey pro Kevin Dineen, actress Shannon Doherty, singer for Saves the Day Chris Conley, son of President George W. Bush, Marvin Bush, and Gold Medalist Sir Steve Redgrave. There are countless names that are not included in this list.

I know that there are so many people with this disease who suffer greater than I do, my prayer for all who are suffering with Crohn’s is that in our lifetime through science and research, that a cure will discovered.

For further information please visit Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America,

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