Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mental Floss

For many runners not only being motivated to hit the pavement, but to zone out while running is often a challenge. As the great Timothy Leary, suggests,  'just tune in, tune out, drop in, drop out, switch on, switch off,' that however it a lot easier said then done. Being motivated and committed to your running routine could be a very daunting task. As I have suggested paying yourself to run is always motivation to me. A dollar a mile is very enticing, what girls does not love a shopportunity? For some it means wearing your running clothes and not changing out of them until you run. I find my running clothes way too comfy for that to even remotely work. When your motivator no longer does it, you need to readjust your way of thinking and discover new ways of motivating yourself to get out there and log those miles. Running should be categorized in the same category as work, which is expected. At your job, you must show up everyday and put your best foot forward, shouldn't you do the same with your running? Think to yourself if I show up and complete my running routine x amount of days per week for so many weeks, how will you pay yourself  for a job well done? Is there a new running outfit that you have been eyeing? If so tape a picture of it to your calendar with a date circled. If rewards don't cut it or you simply don't want to bribe yourself to run, after every run evaluate the run and find at least one positive aspect of your run.  I being from the school of over rewarding will stick to bribery! Regardless of what motivates you and gets you going, make a promise to yourself to lace up those sneakers and hit the pavement.

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  1. Great motivational tools!! I've never thought about paying myself to run but it's a cool idea. If only I could get someone else to pay me for it :)