Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa to the Sea Half Marathon Race Number 4 Recap

Still a kid at heart!
It's official. I am out of the double digits and down to only 9 races! Today I ran the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon in Oxnard and had a blast! I am not too sure if it was the actual race or the fact that it is the holiday season, but everyone and I mean everyone was beyond cheerful and happy. I saw more Santa's than one could count, I saw a person in a wrapped box running as a present, and even a group where two people where dressed as Reindeer with the third person dressed as Santa. What great ideas by everyone who dressed to truly embrace the holiday season. I wish that I had thought to do something, but I was more concerned about being warm today than cute. Maybe next year! Besides my stomach taking a vacation this morning without me, today was a perfect day. I even had a chance to talk to Santa and tell him what I wanted this year. The holiday season sure brought out everyone's most positive spirit!  I sure hope the beginning of this holiday season is bringing to you and yours ear to ear smiles and memories galore!!

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