Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Favorite Running Tee

Everyone has one. You know what I talking about runners, the running tee that you simply cannot live without. I thought that I knew my favorite tee until the really cool girls at Oiselle sent me their half marathon running tee. I opened the packaged and to my surprise not only was it beyond super soft, it was my favorite color, lavender. Before even wearing it I knew that I would love it. It reminded me of my favorite worn-in tees from college, only better. This tee I could actually go for a run wearing and know that it will wick away my sweat. I took Oiselle’s half marathon out for a test run today and it will definitely be replacing my old favorite running tees. It was super soft and the most comfortable running tee I have worn in a really long time.

Oiselle’s running tee is simple with the number 13.1 displayed across the chest. If you are not a runner there are those looks of confusion as to why you would wear the unlucky number 13 across your chest, but if you are a runner or half marathon junkie like me you get it. You understand the number; all those miles logged that prepared you for race day, the sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line. Wear it, be proud of your accomplishments, and celebrate the journey that has helped you cross the finish line. Thank you Oiselle for helping me share my journey with the world!


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