Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where have all the Texaco Roadmaps Gone?

As I hemmed my pants with packing tape I began to wonder how did we get so far from where we started. When I was a child my mother would never allow me to leave the house with duct tape in lieu of having a visit to a professional seamstress. For some people life is all mapped out, easy, consistent, settle for what is right in front of them, never searching, never varying too far off course. The renegades, those whose heads are not as tightly screwed on, however have a different view towards life, head on, guns blazing, hair on fire, running with scissors. The path may not always be so clear, but we will keep on searching even when we have no idea where we're going. Searching for what I do not know, but we will keep on searching till we get it right. Besides Springsteen; the one thing that gets me through the not knowing, the feeling of being out of control, is running. Running is my one constant. Good days, bad days running is always there for me. Easy on me, on days when I need a soft embrace from the world and hard on those days when I need a challenge. Maybe Springsteen had the right idea all those years ago, perhaps he was holding the key, the holy grail, 'We can make it if we run.'

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