Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Most runners want to improve their running pace. I agree that this is a goal of mine as well, to improve my pace. I however have been struggling with this as my GI and health issues have greatly impacted my training this year. I have struggled with being ashamed and embarrassed of my GI issues for years and as a runner I now struggle with being ashamed of my pace. I understand that yes, I am at least out there hitting the pavement. While all that might be true I greatly want to embrace and unleash my inner gazelle and be one of those "fast runners." I am learning to accept my GI issues for what they are and with time I know that my stomach will settle itself down. I am taking all the proper courses of action toward the road of recovery, which will help my pace tremendously. I have changed my diet completely, I think that I am allowed to eat 12 items, I am not joking. I have been keeping a food journal for 13 days and have been able to stick to my dietary plan. I have previously completed a half marathon in under 2 hours and 40 minutes before and I know that one day I will be there again. I have 190 days until The Disneyland Half, which is the last race of my challenge, to focus on improving my pace. From now until The Disneyland Half every run that I complete is a victory and I need to accept myself for who I am and what I am capable of. In life you need to pull yourself up by the bootstraps or in my case my running shoe laces and keep on going and that is exactly what I am going to do. Look out Labor Day 2012 I am crossing that finish line in under 2 hours and 30 minutes! 


  1. This is totally inspiring and I can relate! I'm wondering if our 12 acceptable food items are the same. Good luck!

    1. We should definately compare notes! I would love to talk to you further about 31 Dates, it sounds like a great story.

  2. We all have our own issues.....and you will overcome this one as well. Maybe not "overcome" but learn to "manage" sadly, with age, we'll have a longer list of issues to deal with on a daily basis...but that just ensures that we make better decisions. you are just getting a head start :)

    I think your goal is great...its not too close that you cant do anything about it except turn your life upside down...but its not too far that its easy to forget and set aside your goals. you will learn to handle it...and be a stronger runner as a result.