Monday, July 25, 2011

How'd Your Run Go Today?

It's a simple, innocuous question, and I usually answer it with the same shrug of the shoulders and pat answer. "Fine." It's not like anything ever happens on these daily runs... or does it?

Think about it.

Getting outside and pounding out the mileage has the added benefit of seeing things that you might not ordinarily see. These are things that I certainly would not have experienced while sitting on the living room couch. It's not the exceptional all the time, obviously... but it's still enough to make me want to head out the door the following day. It's those little details.

And it helps to have fun people to run with or see along the way, though I am still searching for my partner in crime. Right now my best running partner is listening to the Boss on my iPod!

The route of today's run isn't anything particularly special. From my house out to the bluff, towards the pier past all of the gawking tourists smiling and taking pictures, loop back on the bluff head towards Idaho Ave, continue to Alta, turn around back to Idaho Ave and head home. 4 miles which might add was not at an incredibly fast pace either, but then, it doesn't need to be.

But, some of the run highlights:

  • a man eating his lunch out of a garbage can (:( made me want to run home and get him lunch, I was nervous though that I would come back with food and it would be like looking for the homeless guy in Beverly Hills.)
  • almost getting smooshed by a really fast shiny Range Rover whooshing up the incline ignoring that I had the little walking man signal and he had the blaring red light (thank you kind Range Rover for stopping in time)
  • waving and shouting to a little boy, who shouted with such glee, 'Run faster runner!'

Anyway, thanks for going down the rabbit hole with me and into today's run.

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