Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dairy Friend or Foe...

I have lived in my body for over 28 years that should make me the landlord of my body. What was I thinking to indulge in Menchies? It was as though I had two mini Melissa's sitting on my shoulders. The one on the left dressed in white wearing a halo and the one on the right dressed in a red robe with a smirk on her face holding a pitch fork in one hand and a cup Menchies in the other. Obviously the fast talking smirking girl in red took over and I did not just walk I ran to Menchies like a mental patient who escaped from Bellevue or Shutter Island. Low and behold my body revolted kicking, screaming, and yelling damn fool! Since I was fresh out of excuses I had no choice, but to put on my shoes on and hit the pavement. My lapse in judgement may have slowed me down and impeded upon my run, but I decided to honor my commitment in myself and simply run.

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