Monday, September 19, 2011

New Week...

I checked my frustrations, anger, and disappointments that I am currently harboring at the door slipped on my running shoes and headed outside. I decided to leave my iPod at home as well and realized that though it helps the miles go by, sometimes running sans iPod is a refreshing change. I was simply left with the pavement, my thoughts, and the surroundings. I learned that running my favorite loop garantees that I will run at least 3 miles. Besides running what did I do while running? Well easy tuned in, tuned out, and tried as Peter Pan suggests to the Darling Children to think happy thoughts. Yes his advice was to assist them in learning how to fly, my advice to myself is were the journey of self discovery begins and projecting what I want and need out of my future. Hoping that Peter Pan's advice will help me down this road of healing.

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