Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pay yourself to run...

If I had a dollar every time.. Ever say that phrase? Well here is a fun concept pay yourself to run. This is way better than keep the change. This is keep the change 2.0, hard core. I not only get to keep the change, but I get to burn the calories. Think about it, if you paid yourself $1 for each mile you run while training for a half marathon, you could treat yourself to something really nice after the race or even at the expo prior to the race. I mean what girl does not love a shopporunity? I don't know about you, but I think that something like this could catch on. Today I ran 7 miles and I honestly can't tell you the difference between running 3 miles versus 7 miles besides the extra time. I actually enjoyed the time that I spent outside and felt accomplished at the end of my run. The next time I go to the bank I am definitely going to be asking for a lot of one dollar bills. The teller at the bank might be wondering where I am going with a stack of dollar bills. Should I clarify or let her keep on guessing?


  1. I keep on telling myself to do just this...think when I officially start my half marathon training for the Princess (training officially starts in november), I'll give it a go. If nothing else, it will let me purchase something at retail and NOT feel guilty about it :)

  2. I hear you on the not feeling guilty part. I have my eye on an Inaugural Tinkerbell half-marathon sweatshirt. Knowing that I actually earned it will make it even more special.