Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall has fallen... Or so I Think...

So I have to be honest this has been an incredibly difficult week. personally, mentally, physically. I managed to get in 3 crappy runs, yes I put on my running shoes and went out there, but I don't know how great they actually were. Today I spoke with someone regarding a medical bill and apparently I made too much money in 2010 and was denied my request for services rendered in 2011. Common sense here all money earned in 2010 would mostly likely have been spent in 2010 if you lost your job in 2010. Do they think that I am just sitting here with that money? I mean they could come over here and search me and yes they will come up empty handed. Obviously if I making such a request it is based on need not on oh I just don't want to pay this bill.

The noose around my neck is getting pretty tight and I am hangin on by the skin of my teeth. Hopeing that next week will be better personally and outside running.

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