Sunday, September 25, 2011

The New Deal

Change of plans. As it turns out I will sadly not be running in this years Walt Disney World's Wine and Dine Half Marathon. Due to this change I decided to hatch out a plan and chart out the first half of my insane challenge, 13 Going on Crazy. To alleviate possible alterations to my plan I have decided that it is best to stay local or as close to local as possible meaning any race is all systems a go assuming that I can drive to the race.

Drum roll please...Here is the breakdown:

The Challenge Races 2-6

  1. October 9, 2011 Long Beach International City Bank Half Marathon
  2. November 6, 2011 Santa Clarita Half Marathon
  3. December 11, 2011 Santa to The Sea Half Marathon
  4. January 29, 2012 Disneyland Inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon (I am SO excited for this race)
  5. February is quite the toss up...In an ideal world, keeping fingers and toes crossed I will be running in Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon on February 26, 2012. If the stars do not align I will either be running in the Run Surf City Half Marathon on February 5, 2012 or the Inaugural Rock and Roll Pasadena Half Marathon on February 19, 2012. Time will tell.
Check back soon for part duex of 13 Going on Crazy... Did I just purchase a ticket on the Titanic?

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