Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rain or Shine… Or So I Thought

In life you make decisions. Good ones. Bad ones. Mediocre ones. And ones that fall into the gray category. Today was one of those days where a tuff decision needed to be made. Should I run today’s City of Santa Clarita Half Marathon in torrential downpour?

As I approached the line start to see that the streets were empty, and were flooded with water, I stopped some very cute paramedics and asked if they had anything, which I could cover myself with. As they handed me a plastic protective sheet, the kind paramedic said, ‘It is 100% chance of rain and we are lucky to be out here.” His next statement really concerned me as he said, “Running on this pavement in this weather, is the equivalent of driving on black ice.”

With that statement I began to ponder my own safety. Knowing that there are other November races I decided that for my safety and to be able to continue my challenge that it was best to sit this one out. For those who did decide to stay and tough it out, I truly hope they crossed the finish line soaked, but safe from injury.

In my running future I also plan on going to the 99-cent store or Target and purchasing a rainy day race readiness kit. This kit will include ponchos, gloves, hats, etcetera. Would this kit have saved the day? I doubt it, but it would work for a milder rain. They call baseball games, don’t they? Why not races?

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