Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are you Ready for Me, Mickey?

By next Sunday, I will be sporting this fancy new Disneyland Half Marathon finisher medal. I can imagine Mickey Mouse dressed in his athletic warm up outfit getting ready for all of the runners and shining the finishers medal! I am so ready excited for this race! Now call me crazy, but that will be a medal worth all of those long miles. I can't believe that race day is almost here. I pushed Monday's run up to today, due to being exhausted from the weekend. For reasons unknown to me I was quite nervous prior to my run, I'm not sure why. Perhaps it is due to major GI issues which cut Sunday's run short, but I truly felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. As this is not my first rodeo I should not be nervous. I set out to simply run 3 miles, but my 3 quickly turned into 5 and I'm not too sure how that happened. Oddly enough I actually enjoy that distance and am beginning to think that 5 is new 3.

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