Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Farewell to a Very Good Dog

Today marks 7 months from the day, January 2, 2011, that I received the most unfathomable phone call about Spottie. She had bloat. I still cannot believe that she is no longer here. The pain and grief that I still feel cuts me like a knife and every once in a while takes my breath away. Our souls were and always will be connected. She was my best friend, she would give me a look and I would know what she thinking or wanted. Spottie is a blessing to me as I am to her. To this day I still sometimes forget that she is not here. I catch myself organizing my day around her and then I am jolted back into reality. If someone could pinch me so I could wake up that would be appreciated.
Unfortunately the facts of my reality sadden me to the point that at times I am afraid to be near the happy people afraid that I might infect them or something. Though today was a somber day it was a day to celebrate Spottie and not to mourn her. Every step I took during my run was for her as her speckled paws could no longer feel the cool concrete. She loved being outside in the fresh air and each and every time she stepped outside she pointed her nose towards the sky and took such an inhale one would think that this was her first time being outdoors. As I ran today I felt more aware of my surroundings, smelling the flowers and inhaling the fresh air as she would have done.

Spottie was always there for me, when no one else was, when it was too hard, or when I just needed the company. Goodbye, my precious angel you were a very good dog. I am so glad and honored to have known you, even if you were taken from me too soon.

Photo Taken on the Last Day that I saw Spottie as Spottie.

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