Friday, August 5, 2011

Happily Ever After

While on my run I saw a little girl dressed as Princess Sleeping Beauty and I couldn’t help but wonder. Is there such a thing as a happy ending or is that what were told as a little kid simply to reassure the disillusioned adult that yes they are in fact happy. As a little kid we close our eyes and dream of these fantasies, the white dress, the ruggedly handsome prince charming, the castle. Eventually we grow up, open our eyes, and the fairy tale disappears. Are we set up to fail? Believing and entrusting our futures on the basis that everything ends happily ever after. Are we an entire generation of Cinderella’s without a glass slipper in sight? Do we want or need that glass slipper?

Okay I am not expecting a knight and shining whatever, but would I ever want a white dress or a prince to carry me off to his castle on a hill? Is it more important to be happy right now rather than happily ever after?

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