Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pacific Half Marathon, The Great Race of Agoura Hills Race Number 7 Recap

The Great Race of Agoura Hills is comprised of several different races: there’s the Pacific Half that’s on roads, which I ran, the trail Chesebro Half Marathon mostly on trails, a 10k, 5k, Kid’s Mile, a family fun run, and even a diaper dash. There was pretty much a race for everyone. This year was the 27th annual race  and it is consistently rated LA’s best running event and best post-race party.

The race started at Paramount Ranch, which is where many old movies and TV shows were filmed. The western town was really cool and a great place to start the race.

The Barber Shop, haircut anyone?
Hotel Mud Bug, wanna room, bed bugs are free!

Mining Equipment, last to chance to buy your supplies!
Hanging out at the Saloon before the race, I wonder where Billy the Kid is!
The course runs on roads around the Santa Monica Mountains passing through the historic districts of Cornell, Malibou Lake and Old Agoura. There were a couple big hills and one long loop back before turning at mile 10 towards the finish line. This is NOT an easy course by any means, it however was beautiful and fun. The weather was overcast, though I did not want it to happen, I kept waiting for it to rain. It was an extremely cold day in my opinion and I was not dressed weather appropriate, but at least I looked cute! I thought that it would be a lot warmer than it actually was. Fashion first, then weather! 

Howdy Partner!

The skies were a slippy grey and I'm waiting on a sunny day!

I seem to be participating in a lot of really hilly races, which I don't feel that I am adequately prepared to run. Would I complete this race again next year, assuming that I train better and add more hills into my training routine, the answer would be YES! It was an absolutely wonderful day and I proud to say that I have completed my seventh race!!
End of the line...The Finish Line!!


  1. Yay to race #7!! Keep it up!!!

    1. Look out race #8 here I come! Thanks Sam for your support!!