Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UPS Made a Delivery!!

I have a super sweet tooth, which is why I was so excited when I came home today to the one of the most wonderful surprises, Jovial Foods sent me a box of cookies and pasta! My first introduction to Jovial Foods was finding their Checkerboard Cookies at a nearby Whole Foods. The cookies are so delicious, it's almost criminal! The nutritional value makes you feel like you're getting a treat and certainly not a cheat. I contacted Jovial Foods as I researched their products online and thought the nutritional value for the Checkerboard Cookies did not match the packaging. As it turns out the box was accurate and the online description was incorrect. Jovial Foods prides themselves on baking with Einkorn wheat; which is the first wheat cultivated 12,000 years ago. The antioxidant power in their products is twice the amount found in products with whole durum wheat. Their products are the purest most ancient species of wheat and also 100% organic. The staff was beyond courteous and friendly and even sent a package of other Jovial Foods delights. I can't wait to taste to the pasta and I especially can't wait to try the cookies! Low in sugar, low in fat, low calorie, and beyond delicious!!

Be sure to check out all the amazing products at Jovial Foods at http://www.jovialfoods.com/.

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