Friday, March 23, 2012

13.1 Number 7...Final Thoughts

Here I am.  Less than 24 hours before my seventh half marathon of 13 lucky halfs starts.  Though is not my first rodeo, I have ran 11 half marathons so far! I am filled with the normal pre-race emotions, excitement, fear, anxiety, and nervousness.

My body has failed me on more runs than I can count and surprised me on others.
Who really knows what tomorrow will bring?  I have dreams of the runner inside me that I aspire to be, but tomorrow I have no expectations. I am what I am. I am going to run with this motto and I will be the Little Engine that can! As much as I want to run like Phoebe Buffay from Friends I will remember to walk if my knees or stomach is yelling at me to walk.  I will race against me and me alone. 

One thing is for certain…my new motto thanks to my running coach who provided me with some greatly needed insight and perspective is, it's better to be the Little Engine who says I think I can... I think can, rather the Little Engine who simply says I can't! When life kicks you in the butt kick back! 

Regardless of the typical jitters, which will hit me right when I get to the parking lot, I know that I will have an amazing time, this race is called The GREAT RACE, after all! As usual, I will be freaking out on the inside, but quiet on the outside. I try to stay as calm as possible in order to keep my stomach under control. Will I be able to keep my stomach under control for the full 13.1 miles? That is always the question. This time I will eat a GoGO squeeZ Apple Sauce around mile 9.  In my head I can already visualize what tomorrow will hold. I will line up at the start. I will go through my mental list. Shoes tied check.  Cord to my headphone dropped down the back of my shirt check. iPod playlist check.  Before I know it the gun goes off and I will take off…See you at the finish! This is going to be a GREAT RACE!!

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