Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cookie Emergency

In my house dessert is the most exciting part of the day, which I why I had a cookie emergency in my house last night! In the middle of baking my cookies I smelled gas from the oven and realized that it was not getting hot! I immediately took my cookies out of the oven,  called 911, and the gas company to come out and fix this. The very cute fireman shut off the gas and thanks to Frank from the gas company order was restored in my world when he fixed my oven. Most nights one of my favorite after dinner snack with tea is to bake cookies by EatPastry. These cookies contain no eggs, no dairy, no preservatives, no processing, no fillers, NO GMOs, no funny business. With only 50 calories per cookie, this would bring a smile even to the Cookie Monster's face! My favorite flavors are Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip, Chocoholic Chip, and Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle. Don't go searching for the GF Snickerdoodle just yet, I was lucky enough to get sneak taste at the Natural Expo West and it was to die for! What I love most about EatPastry is that you can eat the dough two ways, raw or cooked. I know that you hear your mothers voice screaming in the back of your head saying don't eat raw cookie dough. Since EatPastry's cookie dough does not contain dairy or eggs, you don't have to feel guilty about licking the spoon, only if you double dip! My refrigerator is always stocked with EatPastry cookie dough, to find out how to stock your refrigerator visit EatPastry's Product Locator

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